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Planned Parenthood’s Formula for Sex Education

February 12, 2015 | No comments | Posted in abortion, education, Parental rights, Sexuality | Tags: ,

Warning: linked content is not suitable for children.

Thousands of young people – starting as early as age 6 – are taught sex-ed by Planned Parenthood every year.¹ This education could be summed up by the following:

Porn x (50… Read more

Abortion giant thinks they should be teaching this to your kids

October 2, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion, education, Parental rights | Tags: ,

Planned Parenthood’s Attack Shows Why You Need to Know Where Governor Candidates Stand on Protecting Your Family

Planned Parenthood has released a statement attacking Gov. Corbett for being opposed to a proposed mandate that would force all public schools to … Read more

Planned Parenthood is Not a Friend to Women

August 4, 2014 | 1 comment | Posted in abortion, Health | Tags: ,

Download the one-page handout (PDF, 236KB)

Pennsylvania should not support Planned Parenthood because:

Planned Parenthood is not a friend to women. Planned Parenthood is big business. Planned Parenthood = Abortion. No matter what. Planned Parenthood is not a friend to… Read more

PA Planned Parenthood CEO Wrong About Lancaster Family

June 25, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion | Tags:

Dayle Steinberg is out of bounds in her assessment of the Supreme Court case involving a Lancaster County family running a business (“Once again, birth control before Supreme Court” June 10, 2014 – The Inquirer). Anthony Hahn, CEO of Conestoga… Read more

Planned Parenthood Pulls the Religion Card

June 4, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Children, Health, Life, pro-life | Tags: , , ,

by Julie Blattenberger

Below is a letter recently distributed by Planned Parenthood to their patient list.

Planned Parenthood is now seeking to enlarge their coffers by claiming that the Bible is silent on abortion. Sure enough, if you search the … Read more

Pa. voters spurn candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood

May 28, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion, pro-life | Tags: ,

This first appeared as a Letter to the Editor in the Patriot News.

The people of Pennsylvania continue to prove during elections that if a candidate is endorsed by Planned Parenthood — our state’s largest abortion provider — they’re … Read more

Planned Parenthood Tries to Unseat Cousin of Gosnell Victim

March 23, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Life, Politics | Tags: ,

In 2011, Margo Davidson, a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House, made the courageous decision to vote ‘yes’ to the passage of a bill that would hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other surgical facilities throughout the state.  … Read more

Abortion Rates Fall to Lowest Since Roe v. Wade

February 11, 2014 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Health, Life | Tags: , , , ,

By Kate Boyle

At current rates, 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion by the time she is 45. That seems like a staggering statistic to some but recent headlines have announced that the United States has actually … Read more

Planned Parenthood: Abortions first

June 14, 2013 | No comments | Posted in abortion, Life | Tags: , , , ,

By Emily O’Connor

Planned Parenthood of Northeast, Mid-Penn, and Bucks County announced that they would be closing their Carlisle Health Center on June 13, 2013. Previously located in a suite alongside several other healthcare facilities, the clinic does not provide … Read more

Gosnell-like Delaware Planned Parenthood reopening

June 7, 2013 | No comments | Posted in Health, Life, pro-life | Tags: , , , ,


A filthy Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that botched five abortions this year alone and was closed by state officials is reopening in Wilmington, Delaware.

As LifeNews has reported, the Delaware Planned Parenthood clinic has experienced five botched Read more