Citizen Action Center

Pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Action: Contact your State Senator in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Bill: House Bill 2050

Status: PA House passed 139-56, now awaiting action by State Senate.

Summary: Your State Senator now has the opportunity to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act, HB 2050, which would stop any child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Please tell your State Senator to vote YES.

No Men in Women’s Restrooms. No Punishment for My Faith

Action: Tell your State Senator and State Representative to oppose this harmful legislation

Bill: Senate Bill 613, House Bill 1410, House Bill 2341

Status: No vote thus far, remain in committee

Summary: There is a renewed push for harmful legislation here in Pennsylvania. Help us stop SB 613 & HB1410/HB2341 and protect our religious freedom and rights to personal privacy.