Citizen Action Center

Pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Action: Contact your State Senator and State Representative and ask for their support and co-sponsorship of the Down Syndrome Protection Act

Status: Start of the 2019-2020 legislative session, no bill number yet, legislators being encourage to co-sponsor the legislation when it is formally introduced.

Summary: The Down Syndrome Protection Act would stop any child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Save Religious Foster Care & Adoption Agencies in PA

Action: Contact your State Representatives and State Senator to protect faith-based foster care and adoption agencies.

Status: Needing a Conscience Clause as part of the Human Services Code passed in the state budget.

Summary: The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN), part of the PA Department of Human Services, is now refusing to allow faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to participate in the program unless they agree to place children in homes with same-sex parents. Catholic Charities requested an exemption but were denied. The state legislature has an opportunity with the state budget to amend the Human Services Code and add Conscience Clause language to protect religious foster care and adoption agencies here in Pennsylvania.

Freedom to Counsel in Allegheny County

Action: Contact your County Council member and ask that they vote No on Ordinance No. 11000-19.

Status: Proposed in Allegheny County.

Summary: This ordinance is unnecessary and does not eliminate abusive or forced therapy practices, which are already prohibited for counselors. Instead, it endangers freedom of speech.