You – and every taxpayer in Pennsylvania (whether you like it or not) – gave a raise to Planned Parenthood. The most recent totals for Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania* show they received a 15% increase in government grants (i.e. your tax dollars) in 2015. The raise brought their total taxpayer funding that year to nearly $6 million.

So, how did Planned Parenthood repay us with this “investment”?

1. They treated fewer patients.

Planned Parenthood has had a 16% drop in Pennsylvania patients from 2013 to 2015.

Each of the three PA regions for Planned Parenthood (Southeastern, Keystone, Western) has seen fewer patients. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA had a patient drop of 14%, Planned Parenthood Keystone dropped 15% and Planned Parenthood Western PA dropped 23%.

2. They performed fewer basic health care services.

In just their latest reporting year, the number of Planned Parenthood’s STD testing in PA went down 11%. Cancer screenings and pap tests dropped 23%. In their Central PA region – Planned Parenthood Keystone – cancer screenings over the last two years have dropped 50%. And despite repeated claims by Planned Parenthood leaders, they DO NOT perform any mammograms.

3. They shut down facilities. 

In 2016 alone, five facilities have been closed. That’s a total of nine center closings since 2013:

  1. Carlisle (2013)
  2. Chambersburg (2016)
  3. Collegeville (2013)
  4. Gettysburg (2016)
  5. Hanover (2014)
  6. Philadelphia – Chestnut Street (2016)
  7. Red Lion (2016)
  8. Scranton (2016)
  9. St. Davids (2015)

These closed facilities did not perform abortion surgery (only made abortion referrals), but focused on the services politicians like to tout when sending our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

4. They performed more abortions.

Even though Planned Parenthood has seen a drop in patients and basic health care services, the number of abortions they perform continues to increase. All while the abortion totals statewide have steadily declined. In 2015, they performed over 600 more abortions than the previous year, totaling well over 17,000; over half the state total.

FACT: Planned Parenthood has a growing market share of abortion in Pennsylvania.

Annual abortions in Pennsylvania has dropped significantly in recent years. In 2008, the total abortions was 38,870. In 2014 (most recent totals), the total drops to 32,126. That’s over 6,700 fewer abortions annually over the past six years (down 17%).

However, this trend is not reflective in Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. In 2008, their total abortions were 15,944. In 2015, the total has increased to 17,513. That’s over 1,500 more abortions annually over the past seven years (up nearly 10%).

5. They spent millions on lawsuits, lobbying and elections.

It was reported that Planned Parenthood was spending $1.3 million on an ad buy against the reelection of US Senator Pat Toomey. Nationally, Planned Parenthood’s leaders boasted that they were spending over $30 million in the 2016 elections, with a main target being Pennsylvania, to try to elect pro-abortion candidates and defeat good pro-life candidates.

Planned Parenthood lawyers and lobbyists are always out in force opposing any reasonable proposals or laws that would protect women and babies from the harmful results of abortion.


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*Primary Source: 2013-2014 Annual Reports (Southeastern, Keystone, Western) compared with 2014-2015 Annual Reports (Southeastern, Keystone, Western)