Michael Geer

President / CEO

Thomas J. Shaheen

Vice President for Policy

Randall L. Wenger, Esq.

COO/Chief Counsel

Cheryl Allen, Esq.

Of Counsel

Jeremy Samek, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Janice Martino-Gottshall, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Kurt Weaver

Director of Church Ambassador Network and Strategic Partnerships

Robert Albino

Church Ambassador Network Outreach Coordinator/Latino Engagement

Ruth Wilson

Administrative Director/Assistant to the President

Emily Kreps

Legal Assistant/Systems Manager

Dan Bartkowiak

Director of Communications

Alexis Sneller

Policy & Communications Officer

Michael Kaucher

Church Ambassador Network Capitol Engagement Director

Allison Rishel

Scholarship Coordinator/Financial Assistant

Tina Brumagen

Church Ambassador Network Executive Assistant

Olivia Cockley

Executive Assistant

Lauren Hackett

Legal Counsel