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Interpreters of Truth: Prayer for State Court System

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In your opinion, if you had to pick two of the most famous and well-known passages in Scripture, what would they be?

Many answers to this question would include The Ten Commandments and The Sermon on the Mount.

The Ten … Read more

Knowing the Truth: Prayer for State House of Representatives

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A few summers ago we offered to legislators and their staff members at the Capitol the opportunity to go through The Truth Project. A small group met for 13 weeks and we had some great discussions about biblical worldview and … Read more

Seeing the Glory of the Lord: Prayer for State Senate

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Recently Michael Geer sent out an email regarding what’s happening with Pennsylvania politics. He referenced a comment made by a recent college graduate he helped find an internship for at the Capitol. After just a few weeks, the graduate admitted … Read more

The Prayer of a Founding Father

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Presidents’ Day has become a holiday known more as a day for great sales at local stores and car dealerships than for honoring the history of America’s leaders.

Forget about the sales. Forget about getting a day off from work. … Read more

Day2Pray Countdown

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Each day this week our blog will highlight areas which we encourage you to pray for in taking a Day2Pray on Feb. 15th. Each will point out our specific areas of leadership in Pennsylvania.


I exhort therefore, that, first of … Read more

Proposals for Sex-Ed are Stuck in the 80’s

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Op-Ed in The Patriot News on January 2, 2010 written by Amy Scheuring in opposition to HB 1162 & 1163:

You could say I’m wearing three “hats” as I write this. First, I’m a mother of two Pennsylvania public … Read more