A procedural vote to move HB 1510 – the “Bathroom Bill” – could happen as early as Tuesday. Your voice is critical to stop this dangerous legislation.  Please take action now to help defeat this bill!

Action Steps:

  1. Call Your State Representative and ask to OPPOSE HB1510.
  2. Call Your State Senator and ask to OPPOSE SB974.
  3. Use our Citizen Action Center to also email them this message.
  4. Recruit friends, family, pastor, community groups – as many as possible – to take action as well.

HB1510 and SB974 would mandate that every women’s restroom, shower, dressing room and locker room be open to biological males who self-identify otherwise.  It would unfairly allow boys to compete on girl’s school sports teams. The bills would also seriously threaten rights of conscience and religious freedom, and expand a culture of litigation pitting Pennsylvanians against one another.

We can stop this dangerous bill, but doing so requires the voice of the people – you and me – contacting our State Representative – and telling them to oppose House Bill 1510.  Even if you’ve already contacted your State Representative and Senator, another contact is very helpful.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to engage today by contacting your State Representative.

A two-minute call asking to oppose HB1510 will help make a difference.

If you do not know who your State Representative is, please use our Citizen Action Center to send an email that will automatically inform you of both your State Representative and State Senator. For a phone number, click here for a list of Representatives. If you need help finding your State Representative, call the PA Family Council at 1-800-FAMILY-1 for assistance.

Making a second or third call is important since some legislators still misunderstand this bill and believe erroneously that it is not a bathroom bill or believe erroneously that religious groups would be protected. To help your legislator better understand this bill, please read our fact sheet on religious freedom or the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the protection of privacy.

Additional resources:

Bathroom Connection - HB1510/SB974


Help us get more to take action with a donation today: call 1-800-FAMILY-1 or click here to donate online.

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