Last night, there were many victories – and not just in Olympic swimming and gymnastics.

Gold - Luzerne County Council Votes Down Threatening OrdinanceThis past evening, Luzerne County Council members voted down an ordinance that would have added special statuses to discrimination law and negatively impacted the privacy rights of county residents and their religious freedom.

The first news report highlighted one council member revealing they were “inundated” with emails on Tuesday opposing the ordinance. A gold medal to everyone in the Luzerne County area who used our email action alert to tell council members your concerns with the proposed ordinance. It’s another example of why contacting officials and taking a few minutes to send an email does make a difference!     

Moving Forward:

Please heed the following lessons learned from this victory:

1. Local Activity Makes a Difference: Wilkes-Barre City Council is set to vote on a similar ordinance this Thursday, August 12. The city of Butler and Carlisle Borough are considering one as well.

If your city/township/borough or county is considering such an ordinance, make your voice heard. And the message is simple:

“Please oppose the proposed human relations ordinance. We are already a tolerant place. No one should have their right to personal privacy taken away and no one should be put out of business for believing marriage is between husband and wife. Opposing this ordinance protects my fundamental freedoms.”

For more insights into discussing these types of ordinances and to get involved, contact our team at 717-545-0600.

Bathroom bill proposals threaten privacy rights2. We need to stop the statewide proposed Bathroom Bills. Pennsylvania state lawmakers are in the midst of considering legislation that would add the threats posed in this county proposal and make it statewide law.

If you have not already, please contact your State Senator and State Representative TODAY and voice your concerns with the proposed Bathroom Bills.

3. Make sure you recruit others to take similar action. Email this message to family and friends, share using the options below and encourage as many as you can to be a part of protecting our fundamental freedoms.

4. Support Pennsylvania’s leading defender of religious freedom – Pennsylvania Family Council. Our legal expertise and ability to effectively communicate family values is vital in defending our fundamental freedoms. And we can influence these victories because of financial support we receive from individuals and families across Pennsylvania.

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