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City On The Hill Brochures & Posters Now Available

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PFI’s life-transforming City On The Hill Youth Leadership Conference is set for July 25-31; we now have brochures and posters available. If you’d like some for your church or school, send us an email at Application forms are available … Read more

“Pornography Harms”: New Website Launched

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We are pleased to announce a new website resource for our ongoing battle against illegal pornography. It was created by an ally of ours and one of the nation’s leading experts in prosecuting pornographers.

Like you, we at the Pennsylvania … Read more

Preaching the Word: Prayer for Pastors

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Taking a Day2Pray is simply a day to intentionally set aside time to pray, wherever you are, for those in authority- for our President, members of Congress, our Governor, the State Senate and House of Representatives and our State court … Read more

Interpreters of Truth: Prayer for State Court System

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In your opinion, if you had to pick two of the most famous and well-known passages in Scripture, what would they be?

Many answers to this question would include The Ten Commandments and The Sermon on the Mount.

The Ten … Read more

Knowing the Truth: Prayer for State House of Representatives

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A few summers ago we offered to legislators and their staff members at the Capitol the opportunity to go through The Truth Project. A small group met for 13 weeks and we had some great discussions about biblical worldview and … Read more

Seeing the Glory of the Lord: Prayer for State Senate

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Recently Michael Geer sent out an email regarding what’s happening with Pennsylvania politics. He referenced a comment made by a recent college graduate he helped find an internship for at the Capitol. After just a few weeks, the graduate admitted … Read more

The Prayer of a Founding Father

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Presidents’ Day has become a holiday known more as a day for great sales at local stores and car dealerships than for honoring the history of America’s leaders.

Forget about the sales. Forget about getting a day off from work. … Read more

Day2Pray Countdown

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Each day this week our blog will highlight areas which we encourage you to pray for in taking a Day2Pray on Feb. 15th. Each will point out our specific areas of leadership in Pennsylvania.


I exhort therefore, that, first of … Read more

Proposals for Sex-Ed are Stuck in the 80’s

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Op-Ed in The Patriot News on January 2, 2010 written by Amy Scheuring in opposition to HB 1162 & 1163:

You could say I’m wearing three “hats” as I write this. First, I’m a mother of two Pennsylvania public … Read more