Dont Stay Home - PaFamilyVoter.comOn November 8th, Pennsylvanians will be electing State Senators and State Representatives – the men and women who will represent you in changing or making state laws in Harrisburg. What are the primary roles and responsibilities of these positions?

State Senate

There are 50 Senators in Pennsylvania, each representing about 240,000 people, and for this election, only 25 districts are up for a vote – the odd-numbered districts. State senators are responsible for representing their district and have a duty to understand the opinions of their constituents, to attend to them, to propose legislation and to vote on legislation. State senators have the ability to propose and support legislation in regards to the state budget, criminal laws, role of the government, etc., and Pennsylvanians have a chance to elect officials who will represent their beliefs in the state capitol.

State Representative

There are 203 State Representatives in Pennsylvania, each representing about 60,000 constituents, and all the districts are up for a vote on November 8th.  Representing a smaller number of people allows them to be the voice of their district in the legislature. They have the power to enact bills that can greatly impact the state of Pennsylvania. Any state law passed in Pennsylvania must go through both the State Senate and the State House of Representatives before it is sent to the Governor for approval.

Take Action!

  1. Visit to get your free personalized ballot so you know where the U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates stand on the issues important to you.
  2. Order printed Voter’s Guides for your church.
  3. Vote on Tuesday, November 8th!

In the next post we’ll discuss the ballot question…