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‘Same-sex’ Marriage Ceremony in Philly, One Step Closer to Radically Changing PA Marriage Law??

November 19, 2007 | 3 comments | Posted in Uncategorized | Tags:

The Philadelphia Inquirer front page story has gay activists hailing former Mayor John Street as he is set to preside over the “marriage” ceremony of two men. Nevermind that gay marriage is illegal by statute in Pennsylvania. To top that, … Read more

Since when is gambling a crime in Atlantic City??

November 15, 2007 | No comments | Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: ,

“23 charged in Atlantic City gambling ring” (Atlantic City Press) Crazy headline in a city and state that are wed to casino gambling! So I ask: Is it only wrong when the state doesn’t get its greedy hands on some … Read more

Hats off to Peggie Miller and her White Ribbon campaign!

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Hometown Hero award winner, Peggie Miller of Lancaster was featured in her hometown newspaper for her decades-long efforts to raise awareness of the harmfulness of pornography and to protect families and communities by keeping sex businesses out of her area. … Read more

Christian foster parents threatened by ‘gay laws’ in Britain

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Article from London newspaper worth reading. See this as a warning of the very real consequences on foster care and religious liberty of ministries, providers and families. Even in seemingly innocuous bills like PA House Bill 302 (out of committee … Read more

What! Police needed at casinos? Say it isn’t so?!

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Headlines today say that the PA state police might have to cut back their 24 hour duties at the new slots casinos because of funding issues. My first thought was “Why are we providing state police if the gambling supporters … Read more

Grandparents Rights Bill Passes House! PFI Policy Proposal one step closer to becoming law

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Our Grandparents Rights bill just came up on the House floor for a vote. Main sponsor Rep. Kortz takes the mic and presents the bill. Good job. Rep. Vulakovich goes next and gives a point-by-point rationale for the … Read more