Check out this story and think about this:

What would happen if PA would pass a “sexual orientation” “gender identity” anti-discrimination bill (HB 300) and a local store manager or clerk (or your teenager working a part-time job) at your favorite dept. store, refused to peddle the Levi’s propaganda along with the jeans? Would they be brought up for charges before the Human Relations Commission? Or lose their job?  Take action. Tell your State Rep and State Senator to Vote NO on HB 300.

Levi Strauss & Co., the jeans manufacturer that has long been a leader in corporate support for the homosexual activist movement, has come out with a new marketing scheme that may dupe consumers who buy their products into displaying support for same-sex “marriage.”

The staff members of the stores that are displaying the clothing with white knots have been instructed to engage customers with explanations of the homosexual agenda symbol, hoping that customers will be educated through an “informed conversation.”

“We have weekly calls with our store managers and we sent out detailed information about the White Knot organization and also ways in which we’re supporting marriage equality overall as a company,” Levi’s director of brand marketing and public relations, Erica Archambault, told the New York Times. She added that she wants sales staff “to be educated and able to have an informed conversation that’s more interactive than reading off a card or something.”  Read more…