What we’re reading:

  • The Radical Homosexual Agenda and the Threat to Religious Liberty Barrett Duke, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (27 May, 2009)Same-sex marriage will affect the education of children; it will “undermine their faith convictions about homosexuality.”  If same-sex marriage becomes legalized, an employer will no longer be able to hire according to his religious convictions.  Our religious freedom is also threatened by the possible legislation of hate crimes.  It causes our fellow Christians and churches to avoid speaking about certain political issues in fear of federal prosecution.  “We must stand up to protect our freedom to believe and to practice our faith according to God’s leading, not governments’.”
  • Focus Hosts U.N. Briefing on Marriage, Family Jennifer Mesko, CitizenLink (27 May, 2009)  “The goal was to get diplomats to understand the value to the future and to children of traditional marriage,” Minnery said. “The social science is overwhelming that children do best if they have a mother and father in an intact home,” said Tom Minnery, Senior V.P. of Focus on the Family