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Parent Can’t Read Bible to Son’s Public School Class Shannon Duffy, The Legal Intelligencer (2 June, 2009) -In a Kindergarten class, parents were asked to participate in the “All About Me” day for their children.  However, when a parent decided to read from the Bible in order to show a piece of her son’s life, the teachers denied her the right.  “When parents participate in an elementary school’s curricular activites, [Chief Judge] Scirica said, schools officials have the right to require that the parents refrain from promoting specific messages in class.”

I would hardly call reading a verse from the Bible a promotion.  Children grow from the influence of adults, from parents especially.  If suddenly parents are eliminated from the system of growth, from what source do we hope our children to start forming their beliefs?  Are we really fighting to limit the number of positive influences in our children’s lives?