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More abortions happen at Philadelphia Women’s Center than any other single location in Pennsylvania (over 6,000 abortions annually), and now this abortion mill is requesting the state to remove standard safety measures, that would put more women at risk.

Last week, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) revealed a request made by the Philadelphia Women’s Center for an exemption to the requirement of submitting the remains of aborted babies for examination by an independent pathologist. This requirement is important for confirming the gestational age of the baby, especially on abortions past the first trimester. This is one way to keep abortion facilities in check with state law limiting abortion at 24 weeks in pregnancy. These exams can also detect an ectopic pregnancy, which can be a life-threatening condition for the mother.

The number of women harmed by abortion is on the rise in Pennsylvania. This is not the time to loosen any safety restrictions on abortion facilities.

There is a period for public comment on this request, which ends Tuesday, September 19th. Please contact the PA DOH to let them know that if you want to prioritize health you will object to the Department granting this exception request. 

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