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Lancaster Planned Parenthood is requesting an exception from the safety requirement of a transfer agreement with a local hospital.

All ambulatory surgical facilities in Pennsylvania, which include abortion facilities, must have a transfer agreement for emergency preparedness. An exception would prove preferential treatment by our Department of Health, a practice that previously led to abortionist Kermit Gosnell preying upon women from his licensed facility in West Philadelphia.

Hundreds of women suffer serious complications from abortion every year in Pennsylvania and removing this requirement would put women at even more health risk. 

Pennsylvania’s abortion industry – responsible for over 30,000 abortions every year – continues to find every possible way to remove restrictions from their cash-cow of abortion. With complications from abortion on the rise in Pennsylvania, this request should be denied. 

What you can do

There is a very short window, ending Feb 21st, for public comment on this request before a decision is made by the Department of Health. Please submit a comment to ask for their disapproval of this request for exception by February 21st at 5pm.

Ways to contact the Department of Health: