Planned Parenthood Lobbying to Shut Down Every Pregnancy Center in PA

Aug 25, 2023 | 0 comments

Pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers in Pennsylvania – which provide no-cost assistance and guidance to thousands of pregnant women every year –  are under attack here from those seeking to make abortion the only option for vulnerable pregnant women and teens.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood, is actively advocating for the elimination of every pregnancy resource center in our state, and the Shapiro administration is happily advancing that agenda. 

Strategizing on how to eliminate these helpful centers was Planned Parenthood’s exact promotional message for an online workshop it held this week – a workshop whose audience included some Pennsylvania State Legislators.

The workshop panelists outlined what they characterized as  some of the “dark and sinister” practices of these pregnancy centers:

  • They may refer to a pregnancy as a baby [horror?!]
  • They provide free material goods such as diapers
  • They provide free parenting classes
  • They are located in neighborhoods with easy access for those who are the most in need for these material goods
  • They offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds [clients may even get to see their baby?!]

Far from being sinister, these services are certainly helpful to those choosing life over abortion.  One of the panelists acknowledged that pregnancy centers do provide material goods that people need, “but at what cost?” – a clear and troubling reference to the possibility that a new life will  be brought into the world as a result. That a pregnant woman may get the care and support she needs and choose life for a little human being is dark and sinister? No!

Why does Planned Parenthood want to eradicate these pro-life pregnancy centers? Because they affect their bottom line, namely abortion. When asked what the big risks were for a woman visiting a pregnancy center, one panelist stated delayed or denied “healthcare.” She means abortion. A woman who visits a pregnancy center will learn she has more options than the killing of her unborn child – and that is a message that runs counter to the Planned Parenthood agenda – which is best characterized as “Abortion, no matter what.”

PA Family encourages continued support of local pregnancy resource centers across our state with prayer, financial support, volunteering, etc. And given that there were legislators on this call with Planned Parenthood listening to their lies, lawmakers need to hear from you. Please let your legislator know that they should seek to support pregnancy centers to provide alternatives to abortion in your community.