Series: The State of Abortion in PA
1. Post-Roe Pennsylvania
2. Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood in PA
3. Pregnancy Resource Centers: Essential for PA Families
4. Ways to celebrate Roe‘s overturn

By: Dan Bartkowiak

This Saturday, June 24, we all have the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of a remarkable moment in our nation’s history. One year ago, we read with joy the decision from the U.S. Supreme Court: “Roe and Casey must be overruled.” 

There’s no question this decision amplified the needs of our pro-life work and witness, as each state has become a battleground for saving preborn lives and making abortion unthinkable. 

Here in Pennsylvania, as we approach this historic anniversary, two questions come to mind:

First, what has changed in Pennsylvania since Roe‘s reversal? For starters, we have a new pro-abortion governor. Pregnancy centers have faced unprecedented attacks. And there are examples of the Department of Justice being weaponized against pro-life advocates like Mark Houck and his family.

A better understanding of this changing landscape can help us make positive changes moving forward. PA Family has created a series of extensive posts that offer insights into the landscape of our state and abortion, with answers to a number of important questions. 

#1 The Impact of Roe & Abortion on Pennsylvania

#2 Planned Parenthood in PA: One day equals 50 abortions, $8700 in taxpayer-funding

#3 Pregnancy Resource Centers: Essential services for Pennsylvania families.

Second, how can we effectively mark this first-anniversary of the overturn of Roe and Casey? Here’s are five suggestions:

  1. Support Pregnancy Resource Centers: The heroes on the front lines of this battle need your support. Contact your local center to find new ways you can serve their critical efforts.
  2. Rally: Attend a public display of support for life. Here in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia March for Life is Saturday, June 24. This march goes past the Philadelphia Women’s Center, where more abortions happen than any other location in Pennsylvania. There is also a National Celebrate Life rally happening in Washington, DC. 

We also need your help and involvement in this year’s Pennsylvania March for Life on Monday, October 16th in Harrisburg. Planning for this rally and march is a great way to celebrate life this weekend. More details at

  1. Engage elected officials: Write a letter to your state officials in support for protecting life in PA, or submit an op-ed to your local newspaper.
  2. Stay informed: Be sure to receive our emails and act upon current and future call-to-actions, like saying no to the proposed Abortion-Until-Birth Amendment.
  3. Pray: May we continue to ask for God’s grace and favor for the protection of unborn life through our daily prayers. 

Thank you for continuing to connect with PA Family in advancing our mission for seeing a Pennsylvania where life is cherished.

Dan Bartkowiak is the director of communications for PA Family.