In one day, Planned Parenthood in PA averages 50 abortions, $8700 in taxpayer-funding and $94,000 in revenue – all while lobbying to remove limits from abortion and to shut down pregnancy resource centers.

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On Wednesday June 7th, 2023, Planned Parenthood held a small rally inside the Keystone Building offices in Harrisburg, where calls for unlimited abortion up to birth were cheered, along with promoting their continued smear campaign against pregnancy resource centers. This was in conjunction with their scheduled lobby day, which was postponed from last April, where they wanted to “pink out the capitol” yet just 50 people were standing behind the rally podium.

While Planned Parenthood is profiting from performing more abortions than any other organization in Pennsylvania, they’re actively lobbying an extreme agenda to remove any limits on abortions and to shut down pregnancy resource centers – all while receiving millions in Pennsylvania tax dollars.  

Here’s a brief analysis of the business of Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania.

Follow the $$$: $34 million in average annual revenue.

Planned Parenthood has three regional organizations in Pennsylvania:

  1. Planned Parenthood Keystone: They made national news for a now-deleted tweet calling for Disney to have a princess who had an abortion. They also were recruiting donations of masks and surgical hats during the COVID shutdown so they could continue performing abortions despite all other elective surgeries being shut down.
  2. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA: Leaders of this region have previously stated that they knew women were harmed by Kermit Gosnell yet did nothing themselves to stop him.
  3. Planned Parenthood Western PA: They are considered a “contracted care” site with the University of Pittsburgh, raising questions with the university’s continued practice of using aborted babies for experiments

These facilities combine for a multi-million dollar operation centered on profits from abortion. They average $34 million in annual revenue (over the last five years). That’s over $94,000 per day in revenue for the state’s largest abortion mill.

Over 50 abortions every day.

Planned Parenthood’s three Pennsylvania regions collectively operate 13 of the state’s 18 abortion facilities. They also operate 10 “feeder” sites, locations that do not profit from on-site abortions but refer to their other facilities.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for over half of all abortions in Pennsylvania. In recent years, Planned Parenthood has carried out over 18,000 abortions annually. This means they are responsible for an average of 50 abortions every day in PA.

And they want more abortions happening in PA to profit from. Melissa Reed, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Keystone, put it bluntly: “We will be relentless in our quest to expand abortion in PA.”

Over $31.7 million in Taxpayer Funds (while lobbying for more abortions).

Planned Parenthood has received over $31.7 million in taxpayer funding over the last ten years. This amounts to $8,700 per day in taxpayer funding.

While this funding is not earmarked directly for abortions, the fact is this funding goes to an organization that performs abortions.

In February 2023, in addition to the annual allotment of tax dollars, State Senator Amanda Cappelletti (D-Montgomery/Delaware) announced a $250,000 state grant (i.e. your tax dollars) for Planned Parenthood, specifically the Norristown location in her district. PA Senate Democrats were quick to note that this grant was not “allocated to abortion expenses” but the fact remains these tax dollars are going to the largest abortion operation in Pennsylvania.

Sen. Cappelletti is also a former employee of Planned Parenthood, holding the past position of director of policy for Planned Parenthood PA Advocates. 

What’s equally alarming is the taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood is actively lobbying state lawmakers in order to advance their pro-abortion agenda, which includes the removal of all limits to abortion and shutting down pro-life pregnancy centers.

Here’s Planned Parenthood’s Central PA region promoting their recent Lobby Day:

And here’s a picture of the three regional CEOs taking a selfie with Governor Josh Shapiro on his first day in office. 

Agenda: More Abortion, Attack Pregnancy Centers.

Planned Parenthood is actively lobbying for the removal of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, claiming it is the strictest regulations after Texas. Mind you, this law permits abortion up to six months in pregnancy (24 weeks). It does require a 24-hour waiting period along with informed consent provisions.

Not only are they pushing for a removal of current limits and standards on abortion, but they want to completely shut down pregnancy resource centers. “We want Pennsylvania and our country free of [pregnancy resource] centers,” tweeted their advocacy arm, Planned Parenthood PA Advocates.

While this unmerited call for closure of pregnancy resource centers should alarm local communities benefiting from the array of life-affirming services they provide, it once again proves the radical agenda being pushed by abortion extremists in Pennsylvania. There is even a pledge circulating among pro-abortion PA politicians to support the abortion lobby’s radical agenda, which includes codifying abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and using tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Planned Parenthood = Failed Inspections

Planned Parenthood on Locust St in Philadelphia performs more abortions than any other Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania. It’s also the location where pro-life leader Mark Houck often sidewalk counsels and was the location for his now famous case brought by the DOJ against him.

This Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia has failed more inspections than it has passed over the last decade. They have failed thirteen state health inspections since 2012. During that span they have never passed two consecutive inspections, yet they have never been fined or temporarily shut down because of their habitual failures.

“This Philadelphia abortion facility failed their annual registration inspection on Sept. 14, 2021, because they were not providing patients with risk information on informed consent forms for surgical abortions,” writes PA Family’s Alexis Sneller in Broad + Liberty. “The state came back in Feb. 2022 for a revisit and found they were still not providing this information to patients, so they failed another inspection.”

In 2022, seven abortion facilities in Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia Women’s Center and the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center, failed a state health inspection.

Planned Parenthood = Deceptive Advertising

Let’s state the obvious: parenthood is not something Planned Parenthood values. If a woman is pregnant, she has three options: parent, find an adoptive home, or abort.

What if she chooses to parent? Not one Planned Parenthood offers prenatal services, despite their previously deceptive advertising that listed such service on their online booking website until PA Family called them out. There are no programs offering diapers or baby supplies to new moms in need.

What if she chooses adoption? Not one Planned Parenthood offers adoption services (yet there are examples of pregnancy resource centers in PA that do). Any referrals for adoption are never mentioned in their annual reports and the ratio of abortion to adoption referral only highlights their priority.

For women facing unplanned pregnancies, Planned Parenthood is in reality Planned Abortion.

Additionally, despite what some politicians claim, there are no mammograms provided by Planned Parenthood. There is not one Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania that is even licensed to perform a mammogram in Pennsylvania.

“Sex Changes” on Children

Not only is Planned Parenthood entering Pennsylvania schools to advance their abortion-driven agenda through sex education programs, they are also involved in what is known as “gender affirmation,” giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone drugs to children.

Dayle Steinberg, President of Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA, in her lobbying efforts at their recent rally stated their region now has four facilities offering these drugs. In their 2022 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA had 281 “care-initiation” visits and over 1,200 follow-up appointments using telemedicine and at their Pottstown, West Chester, and Center City, Philadelphia locations.

Additional taxpayer funding has been sent to Planned Parenthood in order to advance these types of services. Their “Rainbow Room” received a $630,000 state grant in October 2022. “Activism” is one of this room’s promoted offerings.

This $630k state grant, along with the $250k state grant for the Norristown Planned Parenthood, means Planned Parenthood, responsible for more than half of the state’s abortions, has received an additional $880,000 in taxpayer funding within the past year; on top of their annual allotment of tax dollars.

This taxpayer-funded “Rainbow Room” made national headlines for a prom event for children aged 13 up to adults age 21, along with giving attendees condoms and dental dams.

In one day, Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania averages:

  • 50 abortions,
  • $8,700 in taxpayer funding, and,
  • $94,000 in revenue.

Abortion is big business, and it has no business receiving our tax dollars.


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