Attacks on PA’s network of pregnancy centers would impact thousands of women and families who receive a variety of life-affirming resources.

(HARRISBURG, PA – June 7, 2023) Two women who lead pregnancy resource centers in Pennsylvania, along with several of the families they have served, testified at a public hearing today in Harrisburg held by the PA House Republican Policy Committee in order to highlight the support available to women and parents, during and post pregnancy, as well as respond to several legislative attacks on Pennsylvania’s life-affirming pregnancy centers.

“Women who become pregnant unexpectedly need to know that there are places they can go for help, no matter their choice,” stated Jill Hartman, Executive Director for A Woman’s Concern, a pregnancy resource center in Lancaster, PA, during today’s committee hearing. “Legislative proposals to eliminate funding for pregnancy resource centers or to hinder access to the information and services [they provide] would be an enormous detriment to the communities where we operate and to the women we serve.”

Pregnancy and parenting resource centers, which outnumber abortion facilities nine-to-one in Pennsylvania, provide compassionate care with practical support and valuable education for women and families navigating unplanned pregnancies. 

“We are the first responders for pregnant women, ” shared Amy Scheuring, Executive Director of Women’s Choice Network in Pittsburgh, who testified about the connections they make with women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Not only are Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion state lawmakers trying to cut off funding to pregnancy resource centers through Pennsylvania’s alternatives-to-abortion program but they are actively spreading lies about these vital organizations, as well as calling for a shutdown of all pregnancy centers across our Commonwealth.

Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania, who profit from performing half of all abortions in our state, has received over $31 million in taxpayer-funding in the last ten years.

“Today’s hearing was necessary as there have been several recent pro-abortion legislative hearings in Harrisburg that have targeted pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania in an attempt to shut down their life-affirming services to women and families,” stated Alexis Sneller with Pennsylvania Family Institute. “An abortion advocate at one of those previous deceptive hearings outrageously made the false and absurd claim that pregnancy could be connected to terrorists. We should be doing all we can to support women and families who choose parenting or adoption for their unborn child, and pregnancy resource centers play a vital role in providing these critical services.” 

Pennsylvania Family Institute is the state’s leading pro-life, pro-family policy organization.