May 9th Deadline: Help Defend Religious Liberty and Privacy Rights in PA

Apr 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Take Action: Contact PHRC to Oppose New Guidelines That Threaten Your Religious Freedom and Privacy Rights

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), an unelected group of nine commissioners appointed by the governor, is proposing to circumvent state law and the legislative process to advance Gov. Tom Wolf’s harmful agenda that puts your religious freedom and bodily privacy at risk.

This new threat is the PHRC’s proposed policy changes to the defintion of sex, proposing a broad definition that would includes special classes like “sex assigned at birth,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity/expression.”

These proposed regulations would effectively permit lawsuits against a host of Pennsylvania citizens who are simply exercising their religious freedom and seeking to recognize rights to bodily privacy. They may punish religious employers or wedding vendors, force women to compete against men, force doctors to violate their conscience, and remove single sex spaces for women like women’s shelters, dorms, or locker rooms.

DEADLINE: Monday, May 9th: The PHRC has a short period for public comment before they submit the new regulations for a vote of approval. You can share your strong concerns with these new harmful regulation changes through Monday, May 9th. Please join us by using our action alert to submit comments ahead of this deadline.