A special message from PA Family’s President Michael Geer

Here’s a story that has us all smiling today! I hope it gives you a smile, too.

At our annual banquet on October 30th, our Senior Counsel Jeremy Samek told the gathered audience about a young teenage girl – we’ll call her Beth – who was being pressured into getting an abortion.

Through a friend of a friend, Beth was put in touch with us. And with the help of our legal team and some one-on-one assistance from others on our staff, that little baby in her womb – who once had a scheduled date to die at an abortion clinic – instead had different date – a due date to be born! 

You might have seen the little flier we sent in a mailer earlier this month, with the headline, “She’s Safe Now,” and an ultrasound picture of Beth’s baby in the womb.

Well, guess what!

Just a few days before Christmas, that little baby girl was born, welcomed into the world healthy and strong!

Beth even texted Jeremy some pictures of her little newborn along with this moving and meaningful message:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me ik [I know] that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am rn [right now] if I went through with what everyone else was telling me to do so happy to have my baby girl today— [Beth]”

Praise the Lord!  What a blessing!

And it’s a blessing you share in, because, without the prayers and generous financial support of folks like you across Pennsylvania, we wouldn’t have been able to be here to come along side for Beth – to provide free legal services, guidance and help

What a story – of a little tiny baby – rescued thanks to folks like you that support the work of the Pennsylvania Family Institute and our Independence Law Center.  Your partnership truly is making the difference between life and death.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

For Life,

Michael Geer
President, PA Family

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