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Connecticut Governor Rell Signs Bill Banning Ultrasounds Without Medical Reason Steven Ertelt, LifeNews (29 June, 2009) -If abortion advocates believe that there is no life in the womb (due to confusion of when conception occurs), then why are they so worried about ultrasounds?  I suspect that abortion supporters truly do know that there is life within the womb during the entire pregnancy process.  Hence why they fear the influence that ultrasounds could have on women deciding on an abortion.  This being true, abortion advocates knowingly support murder, or the “right” to murder.  With eyes wide open to this, the crime at hand is very evident: abortion permits murder.

Some 2.6 Million Abortions Happen in Indonesia Annually AntaraNews (29 June, 2009) -“The abortion rate in Indonesia reaches around 2-2.6 million annually, or 43 abortions per 100 pregnancies…The majority clients are between 20 and 29 years old.”

Pro-Life Group Challenges Federal Order to Sell Morning After Pill to Minor Girls Steven Ertelt, LifeNews (29 June, 2009)

Their reasoning: 1) Parents are out of the loop 2) Doctor is not given the chance to check for a sexually transmitted disease 3) Implies safety 4) Minor girls are not mature enough for the decision 5) Easier for men who abuse women to cover up their crimes

Where does our society gain with this pill again?

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