Good people have been fined and put out of business in states like Colorado and New Mexico because of their views on marriage.

Will that happen in Pennsylvania? Not on my watch.

Look what’s happened in various parts of the country:

  • Elaine HugueninFined $6,600 and forced out of the wedding industry in New Mexico for not photographing a same-sex wedding ceremony.
  • Jack Phillips – Court denied appeal (waiting on State Supreme Court), ordered to go through sensitivity training in Colorado and forced to stop all wedding cakes, costing him 40% of his business.
  • Melissa KleinFined $144,000 and forced out of business in Oregon for declining to design and bake a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony.
  • Barronelle Stutzman – Stands trial before Washington State Supreme Court for declining to make flower arrangements for a customer’s same-sex wedding ceremony; a customer she had served for over nine years prior. If ruled against, she will lose everything she owns to cover the fines totaling over $1 million.

How can this happen? How is our government forcing you to do something contrary to your beliefs? It is a result of passing on the state level overreaching legislation that adds the special statuses of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into their anti-discrimination law. As one State Supreme Court justice ruled, based on this state law, it’s the “cost of citizenship.”

Currently, Pennsylvania has no such law but the push for one is growing. This year, that proposal, deemed the so-called “Fairness Act,” involved heavy out-of-state spending and lobbying in Harrisburg to try to turn this troubling proposal into state law.

Thanks to linking arms with thousands of Pennsylvania families, we pushed back and stopped this proposal. As one staffer in Harrisburg advocating for this law said, if it wasn’t for the Pennsylvania Family Council, the so-called “Fairness Act” would have already passed.

If we do not want to see someone fined $144,000 or put out of business in Pennsylvania for their beliefs on marriage, we must stop any effort to pass such a law. And that’s a top priority for Pennsylvania Family Council. Your donation now will go towards this much-needed effort in 2017.

Gifts to the Pennsylvania Family Council are not tax-deductible. If you would like to receive a tax-deduction, would you please make a gift to the Independence Law Center, as they are providing pro-bono legal assistance to anyone facing a challenge to their religious freedom.

Independence Law Center has been swamped with requests seeking help with from various attacks on religious freedom. Just in recent months they have given counsel to Christian high schools, colleges, students seeking professional licenses, camps, churches, religious broadcasters, photographers, wedding venues, a bridal shop, musician, florist, baker, foster and adoption agencies, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and various ministries – all with deep concerns with their ability to follow their faith.

Currently, their needs are greater than they can provide for. There is no taxpayer funding used in their efforts – sole funding is by people like you. To give to the religious freedom efforts of the Independence Law Center, click here.

Thank you for your generous investment into our work. With your partnership, you help to ensure religious freedom thrives in Pennsylvania.

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