Volleyball and the PA Marriage Amendment

Mar 15, 2010 | 0 comments

Today as I listened to the State Senate pay tribute to the Penn State women’s volleyball team (certainly deserving of tribute, given their amazing record), I was reminded of the consistent refrain from opponents to a Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment — namely, “the legislature needs to spend its time on more important things.” Oh — like volleyball… or banning paper and plastic?

Let’s get real. Pennsylvania has a full-time legislature that should be capable of multi-tasking on several important issues at once. What’s more, our Senators and Representatives and their committees have large staffs, district offices, attorneys at their beck and call, etc…

Lawmakers in Texas, somehow manage to get by only meeting every other year for a short session. Ditto for many other states.

I understand the tributes and resolutions, but I can’t buy the excuse that voting to permit the citizens of Pennsylvania the opportunity to vote on a marriage protection amendment is not worth the legislature’s time, especially since we pay them to be on the job year-round.