“What bad thing will happen if equality is granted?”  Senator Leach naively commented in reference to his recent bill for “full and equal rights” to same-sex couples.

Let’s start the debate with this remark.

If we’re going to define “equality” as having the ability to do whatever one choses, then why don’t we legalize prostitution? Alcohol for all ages? Drugs? (wait, we’re already trying this.  I suppose the slogan “don’t do drugs, stay in school” is suddenly out of the times too?)  Or maybe we should reward students who chose not to finish school with the same type of job as the student with a degree?  Why not?  If we’re not going to ask discipline or good morals of our society, because this seems to strip people of “equality,” then perhaps we should legalize everything?

When our constitution was written, more came with the word “equality” than is being mentioned.  Our nation was founded around morals and repercussions for people who did not follow the law.  Same-sex marriage is not morally sound with our nation’s foundation.

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