Sign the Thank You eCard to your State Senator & State Representative for no Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills in 2016 

On September 8, 2015, Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills were introduced (SB974 & HB1510). Several out-of-state deep-pocket special interest groups targeted Pennsylvania and heavily pushed this legislation. They thought it was a done deal

Boy, they didn’t know what was coming.

Launched last April, Defend My Privacy Coalition teamed up with you and thousands of Pennsylvanians – moms and dads, teachers and students, grandparents and concerned individuals – to give voice to the importance of personal privacy and safety rights threatened by this legislation. And your voice was heard.

Those pushing the legislation were relentless, scrambling to break the legislation into smaller bills in the Senate and trying an end-around passage in the House.

But after you joined us in making waves of phone calls, emails and visits with elected officials and helped make the largest rally of the 2015-2016 legislative session happen, Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills for this session have been defeated!

I know we’ve asked a lot of you over the last year but would you please take an additional action step: please take a minute to sign this Thank You e-Card to your elected officials. It’s a way to remind them of how important this issue is to you – to all of us – and to encourage their support for privacy rights in the future.

Click here to sign the Thank you e-Card –

To everyone who contacted their State Senator and State Representative about these bills – whether by picking up a phone, sending emails or stopping in their office – it makes a difference. We would not have had such a successful effort had it not been for your involvement. So be encouraged and remember this fact as we head into 2017.

We know the fight continues. We know heavily-financed, powerful groups pushing this legislation will continue. But if we can count on your involvement, Defend My Privacy Coalition will continue to advocate for the protection of privacy rights and the safety of everyone in Pennsylvania.