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12 Days of Christmas Contest Winners

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Thank you to everyone who entered the PA Family Institute‘s “12 Days of Christmas” contest. We’re happy to announce all of our winners:

Book: Building a Strong Spiritual Family – Dennis & Barbara Rainey Alan W. – Lebanon Maryann… Read more

How You Can Partner With Us

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As a partner with Pennsylvania Family Institute, you’re part of influencing the next generation – a recipe for stronger families.

Our involvement directly with families is rooted in our education initiative Family Choice Scholarship Program and the life-changing youth-leadership conferences … Read more

Interview with Military Chaplain Who Was Punished for Referencing the Bible

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“In my particular situation, it was my faith that helped me to persevere and remain resilient in the face of depression. And I was very clear to my audience that that was one way to handle depression and thoughts of … Read more

Why a meeting in Bloomsburg is so important

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UPDATE: Good news for religious freedom in Pennsylvania – Bloomsburg Town Council decided to not draft an ordinance that would have created a law against tolerance & religious freedom.

Bloomsburg Town Council was considering a proposal that would create special … Read more

“Unprecedented” – Treated as a criminal for believing marriage is between husband and wife

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Barronelle Stutzman is a florist and a grandma. She is being sued by her state Attorney General and customers she served for 9 years. She is being sued in her personal capacity as well as her business. All because she … Read more

What this 100-year-old Math Teacher Thinks About Common Core

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This is what 100-year-old Elementary school math teacher Madeline Scotto thinks about Common Core:



“How would you teach them 4 + 4?  She told me you add this and subtract this and….THEY’RE MAKING IT MORE COMPLICATED as far … Read more

12 Days of Christmas Contest

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Win a signed book by Dr. Ben Carson or Dr. James Dobson!

Pennsylvania Family Institute presents: The 12 Days of Christmas Contest

Would you like an extra gift this Christmas season? To help celebrate Christmas and aligning with our mission … Read more

Will abortion clinic regulation become a political tool again?

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UPDATE: The Virginia Department of Health voted to make it easier for abortion facilities to stay in business even though they cannot meet basic safety requirements currently outlined in a 2012 law.

Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia and … Read more

Three Ways to Support Pro-Life, Pro-Family Efforts in PA

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Over the last quarter century, the PA Family Institute has grown to become Pennsylvania’s leading pro-life, pro-family organization.

Through the prayers and support of families across the state, we are humbled by the many ways we’ve been able to make Read more

Why are they teaching this to 10-year-olds?

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The PA Family Institute has led the effort against mandating statewide “comprehensive sex education.” Why?

Recently the taxpayer-funded Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference held their 20th annual event where adult porn site reps showed 11-year-olds how to use sex toys on Read more