The PA Family Institute has led the effort against mandating statewide “comprehensive sex education.” Why?

That’s our answer. These cases all happened in states that have mandated state-wide contraception education. Explicit & raunchy depictions of sexual content is the result of “comprehensive sex-education.”

Pennsylvania requires all schools to teach about HIV & AIDS but leaves sex education for local school boards to decide.

This means that local communities have a great influence on the type of sex education being presented in their schools. For instance, the  Warwick school district recently invited a professional speaker to come teach about sex. Her message is “Sex & Abstinence” – that “young people are fully capable of making good healthy decisions” to abstain and warns students that “sex has a price tag” i.e. sex has consequences.

Some parents complained over this message – protesting in favor of a “comprehensive sex education” – one that the majority of parents find objectionable. Warwick unfortunately decided to cancel the in-school program but did hold an evening event that was well-received.

So the question every family in Pennsylvania should know the answer to is: Do you know what your school district teaches about sex?