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From Family Research Council:

Either the President’s lawlessness is rubbing off — or some state officials have forgotten how to read. Nothing else seems to explain the decision by Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who is refusing to defend the laws she swore to protect. The controversy started after the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, which (although it had no bearing on Pennsylvania’s marriage law) led a rogue Montgomery County clerk to issue Pennsylvania “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples in spite of Pennsylvania’s ban on homosexual “marriage.”

County official Bruce Hanes, who’s issued 34 counterfeit licenses so far, is acting in complete defiance of the law — and now, Governor Tom Corbett (R). At the Governor’s request, the Pennsylvania Health Department filed a “cease and desist” order against Hanes. In another letter, the Governor strongly rebuked Kane for abrogating her duty as Attorney General. “The clerk’s actions are in direct defiance of the express policy of the commonwealth that ‘marriage shall be between one man and one woman.'”

Kane, who not only inspired Hanes — but supported him — has openly called Pennsylvania’s marriage law “unconstitutional.” Now, like the President, she refuses to defend it — despite the Supreme Court’s very clear directive that “definition and regulation of marriage” remains “within the authority and realm of the separate states.” We applaud Gov. Corbett (and you can too) for standing up for the people in Pennsylvania — and the democratic process, which the state’s own attorney general tried to circumvent.

In a letter to Corbett, Congressman Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) expressed his outrage that Kane was trying to impose her own personal political agenda on the state. “The Court did not strike down Section 2 of DOMA, which protects states from being forced to recognize relationships between persons of the same sex that are treated as marriage under the laws of other states… [A]s the Supreme Court has expressed, Pennsylvania has the right to defend its marriage policy, which it has done by defining marriage between one man and one woman… The Supreme Court’s recent decision in no way impacted the constitutionality of state laws defining marriage; on the contrary, the Court emphasized the state’s prerogative to define marriage.”

Hopefully, other states will actually read the Court’s ruling before making the same mistake. For now, our hats go off to these two leaders, who upheld the will of Pennsylvanians when others refused.

Thank You Gov. Corbett! Please contact Governor Corbett to express your gratitude for standing up for marriage between one man and one woman.

Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks Governor Corbett for his support of marriage and will continue to work in helping to protect marriage.

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