URGENT: Pennsylvania House Must Pass SB3

Jun 29, 2012 | 0 comments

by Brandon McGinley

(cross-posted at The Family Forum)

Now that the Supreme Court has largely upheld the Affordable Care Act, it’s time for Pennsylvania House Republicans to protect the conscience rights of PA taxpayers by ensuring that, in this brave new health care regime, no taxpayer dollars pay for abortions in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 3 would prohibit abortion coverage (with certain necessary Medicaid exceptions) from being offered in Pennsylvania’s “health insurance exchanges.”  Without SB3, everyone who purchases insurance through a Pennsylvania exchange will be paying an additional premium for abortion coverage.

Currently, SD3 is floundering in the Republican-controlled House.  Passing SB3 immediately would not only demonstrate Pennsylvania Republicans’ willingness to stand up to the challenge of Obamacare, but would be another pro-life feather in the cap of House leadership, already responsible for the first PA pro-life legislation in over two decades.

Passing SB3 is a forceful and substantive way for PA Republicans to respond to yesterday’s decision and to push back against Obamacare.