This morning, Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel of our Independence Law Center, is in Common Pleas Court in Montgomery County, arguing on behalf of the King’s Men, a Christian men’s organization committed to helping men grow spiritually, and to fighting obscenity and pornography in our communities.

The King’s Men has been quite effective in having a prayerful, legal presence outside of “adult bookstores” and strip clubs in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Their efforts have significantly impacted the business of such clubs, and in one case, a strip club in Bucks County went out of business, and a family restaurant has taken its place.

Because of this effectiveness, a sex-oriented business in Montgomery County has sued the King’s Men in both federal and state court on a series of charges.  Our Independence Law Center team is defending the King’s Men in both venues, and while we are confident we will be victorious, and that the charges are unfounded, there are no guarantees.  Please pray for Randy Wenger and the other attorneys involved in this case, and for the King’s Men, that God would protect and guide them as they stand up for righteousness.  Thank you!

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