Yesterday, the State House passed Senate Bill 732, a bill which would impose more stringent regulations and inspections on the abortion industry, to at least bring it in line with other outpatient surgical centers. Now the bill moves to the Senate where it should be voted on today.

Please also call your Pennsylvania State Senator today, and ask him or her to support SB 732.

We support and work for all efforts to end abortion, and we encourage the protection of women who would fall prey to the greed and immoral actions of abortionists.

From Capitolwire:

Following the final vote in the House, Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware, tearfully thanked the chamber for approving the measure. She explained her gratitude was rooted in the tragic fact that her 22-year-old cousin, Semika Shaw, was one of Dr. Gosnell’s victims. Shaw died in 2002 from an infection following an abortion at the Gosnell clinic.

Said Davidson: “Today I honor her memory by voting yes on this legislation, that seeks to safeguard the health of women, that is long overdue, so that never again will a woman walk into a licensed health care facility in the State of Pennsylvania and be butchered as she was. Today I thank the members of this House that supported this legislation for the safety of women.”


Thank you for taking action!

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