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URGENT: Pennsylvania House Must Pass SB3

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by Brandon McGinley

(cross-posted at The Family Forum)

Now that the Supreme Court has largely upheld the Affordable Care Act, it’s time for Pennsylvania House Republicans to protect the conscience rights of PA taxpayers by ensuring that, in this … Read more

Don’t be Fooled! Federal Healthcare Law Upheld Today, Still Forces Americans to Pay for Abortions

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by Tom Shaheen, Vice President, Pennsylvania Family Institute

This is another INSIDE look at what the Supreme Court upheld today. It’s STILL bad law!

Make no mistake, despite the promises and empty claims of President Obama and defenders of the … Read more

Pennsylvania Family Institute Denounces Today’s ObamaCare Ruling

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(Harrisburg, PA – June 28) –  The Pennsylvania Family Institute finds today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the controversial federal healthcare law alarming and deeply wrong. The law is a threat to personal liberty, religious freedom and family … Read more

What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

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What do you want to have your kids say about their summer?

Would you be encouraged to hear this from them:

“I cannot begin to describe all that God has done in me…” “Amazing!” “I was challenged to continue to… Read more

Religious Freedom Threatened by Government Policies

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Op-ed by Jennifer Marshall of the Heritage Foundation:

Americans enjoy the freedom not only to worship according to the dictates of conscience but also to express and to live according to those beliefs as we engage in public life.

Such … Read more

As State Budget Deadline Looms, New Opportunity for School Choice in Pennsylvania!

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by Tom Shaheen

With State Budget Facing Deadline, We May See More School Choice in Pennsylvania!

As PA House and Senate leaders and Gov. Corbett hammer out a state budget with the June 30th deadline looming, we hear that there … Read more

Imagine: A State Without Abortions!

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by Tom Shaheen

Imagine this: A state where all innocent human life is protected in law, starting with babies in the womb. A state where doctors who profit from killing instead of healing, are not welcome. A state where women’s … Read more

Common Sense Comes to Pennsylvania

June 20, 2012 | 1 comment | Posted in Health | Tags: , , , , , ,

Never Again Can We Allow Another Gosnell Scandal to Take Place

(Harrisburg,PA)  This week, a long-overdue law, Act 122, takes effect to more properly and effectively regulate surgical abortion facilities.  The act is aimed at ensuring that Pennsylvania never again … Read more

Institute Applauds Committee Passage of Bill Protecting Religious Freedom

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The Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds the action yesterday of the Senate Education committee to pass Senate Bill 1134 by a 9-2 vote to protect religious child care centers from the heavy hand of government intrusion into their religious mission, while … Read more

New Legislation Helps Kids, Helps Families

June 14, 2012 | No comments | Posted in education | Tags: , , ,

by Dan Bartkowiak

“2…4…6…8…who do we appreciate!?!” Answer: Any elected offical supporting HB 2468.

For kids, summer means vacation from school. For PFI, summer means we have the opportunity to award families with our EITC scholarships for the next school … Read more