by Dan Bartkowiak

“2…4…6…8…who do we appreciate!?!” Answer: Any elected offical supporting HB 2468.

For kids, summer means vacation from school. For PFI, summer means we have the opportunity to award families with our EITC scholarships for the next school year. (For more about our program, visit

With the help of families and businesses acrossPennsylvania, we are able to help families choose the best educational option for their children.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) is set up to allow organizations like us receive donations in order to help Pennsylvania parents send their children to the school of their choice.

But more is needed.

Rep. Jim Christiana has just introduced HB 2468 – legislation that would expand the EITC program by creating a new category of available scholarships.

The Educational Improvement Scholarship Credits (EISC) would help give both low and middle income students access to more educational options. This category would look to help students in neighborhoods of some of the lowest performing public schools in the state.

I have been on the front lines of the EITC program and speaking with the many families who apply. Here are just a few comments we have received from these families:

“The contributions from businesses to the PA EITC program has helped our family a lot with the cost of sending our children to a Christian school. Without the support of this program we would be unable to do so.”

“Without the help of places such as yours I would not be able to send my children to [private school].”

“My son has received a scholarship from your group, and it is with your assistance that he has excelled. The reality is clear – with your help his steps have been many, and your continued support has enabled him to dream.”

Please contact your State Representative and ask them to please support and co-sponsor HB 2468.

Also, contact your State Senator and ask them to support this legislation when it comes to the Senate.