Randy Wenger, Chief Counsel for our Independence Law Center, debates in support of marriage on PCN & we’re asking if you’d be able to help us with 3 action steps:
PCN Live Call-In Show with Randy Wenger, Esq.
Tonight, Wednesday, May 30th
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Repeat, Thursday, May 31st – 9am – 10am
Closed Captioning

Watch Online at 9am: Click here for PCN’s live feed.

Please take any (or all) of the action steps below:
  1. Pray: for Randy Wenger to boldly present the importance of marriage being protected as the union of husband and wife. Earlier this year Randy was defending Pennsylvania’s marriage law in Federal Court – we appreciate all who prayed for him during that case and would continue to appreciate your prayers once again.
  2. Call: 1-877-PA6-5001 at 7pm to ask a question in support of marriage during the live show.
  3. Let others know: Share this post with family and friends to help let others know about tonight’s show.


Family Research Council recently released an excellent documentary, “The Problem with Same-Sex Marriage.” It’s a great 1/2 hour summary of what’s at stake with protecting marriage:

 The attacks on marriage in Pennsylvania are intensifying. Not only did President Obama publicly announce in early May that he thinks same-sex couples should be able to “marry,” butPennsylvania now has a court case challenging our state’s marriage law defining marriage between one man and one woman. The Obama administration is directly involved in prosecuting against marriage in this case saying marriage between husband and wife is unconstitutional.

 When so-called same-sex “marriage” is legal within a state:
  • The traditional, God-designed definition of marriage is trivialized.
  • The public school has a legal platform to undermine parental rights and affirm same-sex “marriage” in the minds of children.
  • It cannot coexist with religious freedoms.
  • It paves the way for marriage to be further redefined to include polygamous relationships.


TAKE ACTION: Watch the PCN debate with Randy Wenger tonight & the FRC documentary online at any time for some of the latest news in the battle for protecting marriage.We still need a Marriage Protection Amendment in our state in order to join 31 other states in protecting marriage: Contact your legislators in support of passing HB 1434.

Pennsylvania overwhelmingly supports marriage protected as the union of one man and one woman. It’s time our legislature allows the people of PA to vote on this critical public policy issue.