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Help trafficking victims: Support the Buyer Beware Act

January 10, 2019 | No comments | Posted in Sex Trafficking | Tags:

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It’s an evil business, one that largely operates underground. Its victims are real and have to live with the dire consequences. And it happens right here in Pennsylvania – in our cities, in our small towns and on our … Read more

Human Trafficking Awareness Day – What PA is Doing About It

January 10, 2015 | No comments | Posted in Politics, Sexuality | Tags: ,

Sunday, January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Some state lawmakers are looking to do something about this problem this year and help save victims from being trafficked right here in Pennsylvania.

In 2013, the state report card on … Read more

End It.

February 27, 2014 | No comments | Posted in Children, Life, Sexuality | Tags: , , , ,

by Kate Boyle

If you thought slavery ended with Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution you would be wrong. Slavery still exists today in this country and all over the world – it’s just become less transparent. Human trafficking has become … Read more