School choice took center stage in the main Rotunda at the State Capitol this week as Black Pastors United for Education (BPUE), an organization of over fifty religious leaders – including Latino clergy – across the Commonwealth, announced an open letter calling for more educational opportunities in Pennsylvania.

“We believe that every child in Pennsylvania deserves educational options curated to their unique needs and interests,” BPUE’s letter stated. “We empower the voices of parents and guardians, as well as community and religious leaders, to tell lawmakers that every child in Pennsylvania should have access to a quality education, regardless of zip code, background, or circumstance.” 

The open letter called on Gov. Josh Shapiro to fulfill his campaign promise and support Lifeline Scholarships, which would direct financial assistance to students in Pennsylvania’s worst-performing school districts. The letter also called for opposition to funding cuts to Pennsylvania’s public cyber charter schools, a popular option for thousands of families.

Pastor Joshua Robertson, founder of BPUE, shared powerful testimony about the failure of the public school system in many local districts and the monumental impact that Lifeline Scholarships will have for Pennsylvania families. Reading the letter, he asserted “these scholarships open doors, provide access, extend relief, and empower our communities to build schools and education environments that work for our kids.”


We encourage you to contact your state lawmakers in support of Lifeline Scholarships (Senate Bill 795), which would directly fund students, helping families choose a better educational option for their child. Please take action here and ask your legislator to vote YES on this important legislation!

“It is time for Pennsylvania to lead our nation in educational opportunity. We must work intentionally, collaboratively, strategically, and compassionately for our children and our state.” – Pastor Joshua Robertson