Pennsylvania is currently weeks overdue on passing a state budget, in large part due to the impasse over the inclusion of additional school choice options, particularly scholarships that would provide a lifeline to students in the state’s lowest performing school districts.

There has been a persistent outcry from influential state leaders in strong support of these Lifeline Scholarships, which would allow for thousands of students to receive a lifeline out of failing situations and empower them into achieving academic success.

Here’s just some of the calls for these educational lifelines:

“Gov. Josh Shapiro is about to turn his back on more than 207,000 students — 628 here in the 68th District — who deserve better options for their education.” PA State Rep. Clint Owlett

“The law firm where [PA State Rep. Matthew Bradford] is “of counsel,” Rudolph Clarke, is on retainer with at least nine Pennsylvania school districts. The man literally is being paid (with taxpayers dollars) by public school systems to keep poor kids locked into their failing schools.” Phil Kerpen

“Lifeline Scholarships would give kids like mine a chance to thrive. So why are some Pennsylvania lawmakers opposing it? Their opposition is wrong, unjust, and immoral.” Philadelphia mom, Letter in Philadelphia Inquirer

“Mr. Shapiro’s insistence that only the competing caucuses can iron out their differences won’t cut it: He was elected as a dealmaker, not a passive ringleader. He can’t recede into his office now, at least without damaging the core of his credibility.” Brandon McGinley, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“We cannot tolerate substandard schools that waste taxpayer dollars and squander the promise of our young people. All of our students deserve an educational experience that prepares them for success in life, including success in the workplace.” David Taylor, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association

The budget fight is far from over. All children deserve to have access to quality education, and Lifeline Scholarships would help to accomplish this priority.

That’s why we encourage you to join us in advocating for this improvement. To encourage your state elected leaders to support Lifeline Scholarships, click here

To read the open letter we signed in support of Lifeline Scholarships, click here.