Will 2012 be OUR ‘Year of School Choice’?

Dec 16, 2011 | 0 comments

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal editors declared 2011 as The Year of School Choice. That was then; this in now. And this IS Pennsylvania, not the 13 states that advanced real education reform so far.

As the legislative calendar in Harrisburg comes to a close right before Christmas, our state still fails to give many Pennsylvania students a real choice to get out of failing schools and into schools that can help them thrive academically, emotionally and yes, even spiritually.

School choice – Opportunity Scholarships, expansion of the successful EITC scholarship program that uses business donations, and a fairer system of starting charter schools – were all on the table, but failed to pass. LET’S PRAY AND WORK FOR SCHOOL CHOICE in the coming months so we can declare 2012 as The Year of School Choice in Pennsylvania!