PA Democrats Push Abortion Without Restriction Added to our State Constitution

Mar 1, 2023 | 0 comments

(HARRISBURG, PA – March 1, 2023) Pennsylvania’s so-called “Women’s Health” Caucus, which operates under the guise of women’s healthcare but primarily focuses on promoting abortion, held a press conference today that announced their push for adding abortion to our state constitution, impacting every current limit on abortion in our Commonwealth.

“Abortion has sadly become one of the top issues for the Democratic party, an issue which only serves the interests and the pockets of the abortion industry, not women in Pennsylvania,” commented Alexis Sneller of the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Not only does this Democrat-led caucus want to see abortions increase in our Commonwealth, but they want to jeopardize current state laws like the PA Abortion Control Act and every limit on abortion in Pennsylvania in order to force unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortion in our Commonwealth.”

The so-called “Reproductive Rights Amendment” is a proposed amendment to enshrine abortion in the Pennsylvania Constitution, which would jeopardize every current limit on abortion, including taxpayer-funding of abortion, the 24-week (six-month) gestational limit, and the 24-hour waiting period. This harmful bill has yet to be formally introduced, but a co-sponsor memo is currently being circulated by Rep. Danielle Friel Otten (D-Chester) and Rep. Liz Hanbidge (D-Montgomery).

The “Women’s Health” Caucus revealed a mission statement stating they are bipartisan, yet the 52 members currently listed on their website are all Democrat. This is the same caucus that held multiple legislative hearings last session attacking pregnancy help centers, spreading misinformation about their vital services.