Pennsylvania just took a step forward in protecting your rights and the rights of the unborn in our health care system.

The Pennsylvania Senate Banking and Insurance Committee today, January 25, approved Senate Bill 3 by a 12-2 vote. Introduced by Sen. Don White (R-Indiana County) along with 25 co-sponsors, this straightforward, two-and-a-half page bill would ensure that no taxpayer funds are used to subsidize abortion coverage in health insurance plans.

SB 3 is necessary to ensure that Pennsylvania opts out of providing abortion coverage in the Health Insurance Exchange mandated by the new federal healthcare plan (aka “Obamacare”). Specific language in the new health care reform law permits a state to opt-out of allowing insurance plans that cover abortions to participate in that state’s exchanges.

Currently, five other states have already passed similar legislation. Pennsylvania is one of the many other states currently working on passage of this opt-out legislation.

SB 3 is necessary to keep our insurance laws consistent with Pennsylvania’s current Abortion Control Act. Pennsylvania does not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions and we need to make sure it stays that way!

Today was a step forward but we still need passing votes in the Full State Senate and the State House of Representatives to make this bill a reality.

SB 3 ensures that your tax dollars do not subsidize abortion insurance coverage. Abortion is not health care. Give your State Senator and Representative a call and help us make sure they’re reminded of this.