Today, the PA Supreme Court is hearing a monumental case that could change the course of history in our state.

Today, the state’s high court hears arguments for Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. PA Department of Human Services. When looking at the facts, this case really has no constitutional basis, but we are watching this case very closely.

With this case, the abortion industry in Pennsylvania is attempting to force taxpayer funding of abortion and invent a “right” to abortion within our state’s constitution, which does not actually exist. If the justices rule in favor of the abortion industry in this case, then every single current pro-life law effective in Pennsylvania is threatened – meaning they could be overturned.

The Independence Law Center submitted a brief in this case pointing out the abortion industry’s targeting of black women in Pennsylvania. “While the abortion industry argues that the Black community is underserved due to a lack of access to abortion, access is certainly not the problem,” states Retired Judge Cheryl Allen, Of Counsel for Independence Law Center. “Black women and their offspring are not underserved but targeted by the abortion industry, as evidenced by the fact that well over 40% of abortions in Pennsylvania are on Black women despite the Black community making up only 12% of the state’s population. To claim they’re underserved is simply untrue.”

You can listen to the audio livestream of the arguments here.

The abortion industry’s case underscores the need for the Life Amendment in Pennsylvania to protect preborn children. This constitutional amendment would affirm that no right to abortion exists in our state constitution and would protect existing state law on abortion. Current laws include no taxpayer funding of abortion in Pennsylvania. The amendment already passed once through the General Assembly and cannot be vetoed by the governor. It must pass again through the General Assembly next session, which starts next year, before being put on the ballot for the people to directly vote on.

We saw what the power of prayer did at the national level with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Now, we need your prayers right here in Pennsylvania. Pray that the PA Supreme Court justices rule with true justice and adherence to the state constitution, and pray that life will be respected. 

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