Brave moms spoke out in support of parental rights this week during a hearing considering Senate Bill 996, which aims to protect children from inappropriate sexual content in schools.

SB 996, sponsored by Senator Doug Mastriano (R-Adams), will protect kids and ensure that parents are empowered to make the best decisions for the physical and moral health of their children.

Megan Brock, the mother of two children and a parental rights activist, shared why she supports the legislation.“Protecting parental rights is about protecting the well-being of children,” Brock said. She said that “any attack on the parent-child relationship is an attack on their safety and well-being.”

Brock detailed how she has been attacked by public leaders for asking questions about COVID policies.

“SB 996 is so important because it recognizes and understands the critical, long-established importance of the parental right,” of parents to make decisions for their children, Brock said.

Another mom, with two teenage daughters, said schools must protect kids from sexual predators. Maria Alt said school closures “stripped away” parental rights and led to “emotional decline” of kids.

“Gender ideologies do not align with scientific facts,” Alt said, criticizing school curricula that include these topics and lamenting that students were being taught these lies. “Why are the schools focusing so much on race and gender instead of excellent, quality education,” Alt asked. “Why are the public schools not working with the parents for the benefit of the child?”

“It is imperative to implement this parental rights bill,” to protect all students, Alt concluded, to applause.

Another parent demonstrated, quite explicitly, for the committee why parents must be involved in education. Fenicia Redman sued Governor Tom Wolf to stop pornographic materials in schools.

Redman brought a stack of books that she said represented “state-sponsored child abuse,” and read aloud from them in the public hearing. We will not be detailing the specific language used out of prudence, but Redman definitely made her point about the lewd and inappropriate content that children are exposed to.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association predictably opposed the parental rights bill. This teachers union unfortunately wants to shut parents out of discussions and ensure direct and unfettered access to kids for racial and sexual indoctrination.
You can watch the full hearing here.