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On June 23, the U.S. Department of Education proposed changes to its regulations implementing Title IX. The proposed language will, among other things, redefine “sex” in a way that will be a disaster for children, for parental rights, and for women who title IX was intended to protect. The regulations would apply to all public and private schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal funding. While the Department’s proposed rule leaves intact critical exemptions for religious schools, aspects of the proposed rule will harm important free speech, academic freedom, women’s sports, privacy, due process, and religious liberties. In addition to further violating privacy rights of girls and their right to fair competition in athletics, it will harm speech rights of teachers, and the regulations pave channels for children to be led to counselors and clinics peddling gender ideology while eliminating the influence of parents in the process.


Comments are due by Sept. 12, 2022.  


Anyone can comment, on behalf of themselves or an organization, and it can even be submitted anonymously. And quantity is importantso every person receiving this email can help!


Please CLICK HERE to submit a comment, even if anonymously: It need not be long, but please comment, in your own voice, laying out your concerns with these regulations and if possible, tell a unique story about your children, grandchildren, or school.

To aid you, our friends from The Child and Parental Rights Campaign have provided information, tips, and starter-letters for parents, educators, and community religious leaders for submitting your written comment:


Breakpoint (Colson Center): Biden Administration Issues Title IX Regulations: Parental Rights at Stake – “Not only will these rules limit our daughters’ opportunities to participate in sports and lead to dangerous violations of their privacy, but they will erase parental rights and free speech in favor of state-centered authority. There is a limited time to speak into these regulations before they are instituted. “