Pennsylvania is approaching the end of the 2021-2022 legislative session in Harrisburg, as next week will wrap up any substantial legislative work. In the area of education, there are two particularly good bills that have not reached the finish line before the legislative session ends.

Both bills support parental rights and protect students from some very inappropriate content. They have both passed the PA Senate but still need a vote to get them out of the PA House Education Committee and then a full PA House floor vote to send to the governor’s desk.

Senate Bill 1277, sponsored by Republican Senator Ryan Aument, would protect children from sexually explicit materials in schools. It would simply require schools to notify parents about materials that are sexually explicit, allow parents to opt their children out, and require their child be given a non-explicit, suitable alternative. Click here to ask your State Representative to support SB 1277! 

Senate Bill 1278, the Empowering Families in Education Act sponsored by Lancaster Republicans Scott Martin and Ryan Aument, would respect parental rights by addressing gender ideology coercion and inappropriate sexual materials for elementary children in the classroom. The bill would help prevent coercion and inappropriate advocacy in the classroom on issues involving sexual orientation and gender identity. Click here to ask your State Representative to support SB 1278!

For more on these bills, click here.

Please take just 5 minutes to contact your State Representative and ask for their support of SB 1277 and SB 1278.

“These important bills will help make sure that in Pennsylvania public school classrooms, children are protected from inappropriate materials and coercive indoctrination. Parents deserve every opportunity to be actively engaged in the education of their child, especially on sensitive issues involving human sexuality and gender.” – Michael Geer, Pennsylvania Family Institute

It’s becoming all too common to see stories of radically explicit content pushed onto innocent children in K-12th grade schools. It’s time we stand up, push back and ensure that parents are empowered in their children’s education and not shut out.