Pennsylvania is responsible for over two million abortions since Roe v Wade. That’s more than the populations of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined. In recent years, abortions in Pennsylvania amount to over 30,000 annually – amounting to 85 abortions every single day. (Source: 2019 Abortion Statistics, PA Department of Health: 31,018 abortions in 2019)

In Pennsylvania, 85 children are killed by abortion
Every. Single. Day.

38 children killed by chemical abortion (medical) in PA every day.

  • 45 percent of abortions in Pennsylvania annually. (13,845 in 2019)
  • Chemical abortions in Pennsylvania have more than doubled in the last ten years.
  • Complications from chemical abortions have tripled in the last two reporting years (60 reported complications in 2017 compared to 172 in 2019).
  • Several Pennsylvania abortion clinics are sending abortion drugs by mail and forgoing in-person consultations, including an ultrasound; putting women at further risk, especially those with ectopic pregnancies.

43 children killed by suction curettage abortions (D&C) in PA every day.

  • 50 percent of abortions in Pennsylvania (15,618 in 2019)
  • Down nearly 50 percent in the last decade (30,542 suction curettage abortions in 2008).

Four (4) children killed by dismemberment abortions (Dilation and Evacuation or D&E) in PA every day.

  • PA General Assembly voted to ban dismemberment abortions in 2017. The bill was vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf.
  • Pennsylvania law (PA Abortion Control Act) permits abortion up to six months in pregnancy (24 weeks) for any reason except for the sex of the unborn child.

Largest abortion business in Pennsylvania: Planned Parenthood

  • Planned Parenthood operates eleven (11) abortion facilities responsible for half of all abortions in Pennsylvania annually.
  • The majority (60%) of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities failed a health inspection in 2019. 
  • Planned Parenthood does not offer any prenatal care at any of their Pennsylvania locations, despite advertising prenatal care services on their online appointment booking website up until the Pennsylvania Family Institute exposed it.

Highest number of abortions at one single facility: Philadelphia Women’s Center

  • Philadelphia Women’s Center performs over 6,000 abortions annually.
  • Failed numerous inspection reports, including their most recent reported inspection on March 10, 2021. Past infractions include failure to confirm parental consent on minors having abortions.

Highest number of abortions at one hospital: UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

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Every day in America, 2,363 children are killed by abortion.

“The facts about abortion are devastating, but must be known: these 2,363 precious lives are killed through chemical abortions – starved of nutrients, then forcibly miscarried, or torn into pieces by suction and removed from their mothers, or torn limb from torso by forceps while still alive, before their skulls are crushed, or stabbed in the heart or head with a lethal injection.” Lila Rose – Founder and President, Live Action