After a lengthy debate, the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives passed overwhelmingly a bill that would ensure your tax dollars won’t pay for abortions in our state.

HB 818 would maintain current Pennsylvania policy regarding public funding of abortions. The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act permits states to prohibit insurance providers in a state health exchange from covering elective abortions.

This bill does not prohibit abortion but would ensure no one is forced against their conscience to pay for abortion through taxpayer subsidy or insurance premiums.

Rep. Donna Oberlander – lead sponsor of HB 818 – had this to say after the vote:

“Pro-life, pro-choice, undecided or indifferent, the vast majority of Pennsylvania taxpayers do not support their tax dollars being used to further the practice of abortion on demand. This legislation is not only consistent with the will of the people, but more importantly, the current rule of Commonwealth law that already prohibits even one penny of taxpayer dollars from funding any elective abortion procedure.”

Thank you to everyone who contact their elected officials about this important piece of legislation. The bill now moves to the State Senate. Click here to send them a message.

For a roll call on the bill, see below. To know who your Representative is, give us a call at 717-545-0600.

Roll Call HB 818