Opponents continue to spread misinformation, showing extreme pro-abortion bias that is out of touch with basic human decency.

The PA House of Representatives, despite the swarm of misinformation spread by extreme pro-abortion politicians that captured national attention,  voted today to advance compassionate legislation that would help many parents grieving tragedy and ensure deceased preborn children are treated with dignity and respect.

“Radical pro-abortion politicians — like State Representative Dan Frankel (D-Allegheny) and Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh — attempted to derail a compassionate and necessary bill because it improves policy on abortion,” says Alexis Stefani with Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Yet truth prevailed and we’re thankful for the bipartisan majority vote by our State Representatives to pass the Unborn Child Dignity Act.” 

Healthcare facility policy varies but the remains of unborn children who pass away from a miscarriage or abortion are often disposed of as “hazardous medical waste” – which include used needles, surgical byproducts, labcoats and towels. Not only does this practice rob parents of the closure that can come with burial or cremation, but it also erases the humanity and dignity of the unborn child.

The Unborn Child Dignity Act (House Bill 118), led by State Rep. Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon), would require healthcare facilities to treat the bodies of deceased unborn babies the same way we treat deceased human beings at all other stages of life — by allowing for cremation or burial.

Rep. Frankel along with others in the abortion lobby have repeatedly made false claims about the Unborn Child Dignity Act, erroneously saying this bill would require women to obtain a death certificate and require women to arrange for ritual burial or cremation. The truth is House Bill 118 does not require a death certificate or force any woman to pay for a death certificate. There is also no requirement on any woman to choose burial or cremation of their deceased baby or to pay any fine for such service. 

Even Snopes called out these false claims. “Pennsylvania law does not require patients themselves to register fetal deaths, or file, obtain or pay for a fetal death certificate, and it does not fine them for having a miscarriage. The bill would not introduce such legal requirements.”

This is not the first time this state legislation has made national headlines. Last legislative session, former State Representative Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks) said during committee debate that an early miscarriage is just “some mess on a napkin.” 

“A preborn child who tragically dies from a miscarriage is not just “some mess on a napkin” or “medical hazardous waste” but a deceased human being. It’s time our healthcare system collectively treats these babies with human dignity and provides families with compassionate options,” added Stefani.

Pennsylvania Family Institute thanks State Rep. Frank Ryan for his continued leadership and dedication to seeing this legislation become law.


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