Which COVID Vaccines Are Made With Abortion-Derived Cell Lines?

March 4, 2021 | 2 comments | Posted in abortion | Tags: , ,

We’ve heard from many of you, asking about the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine that was recently approved by the FDA for emergency use and that will soon be distributed here in Pennsylvania. Many already know that unlike what is being offered by Moderna and Pfizer, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one shot and does not utilize mRNA technology. But primarily why we have been contacted by many of you has been to learn whether the vaccine was developed or tested using aborted fetal cell lines.

The following chart, from our friends at Charlotte Lozier Institute, is a great resource on these issues.


Cynthia Chambers

Getting a vaccine should be a personal decision. We definitely would not want a vaccine that used abortion derived cell lines but we also want to know that these vaccines have been thoroughly tested in the proper way and that they are safe for everyone. They have not been out long enough to know that. Granted some people have gotten very sick and some have died from Covid but they have died from flu too. Where is the science?
Jesus told us many times not to fear, He protects us from pestilence, do we trust Him?

Christine Gordon

I agree with the above comment by Ms. Chambers. I don’t see anyone “following the science” in a consistent common sense way. Fauci is all over the place and has a different tune everyday. Using the cell line of an aborted fetus is not justified because it is from 1960. It may be “legal” and “consented to” but it’s still the murder of two babies and to use it in any way, shape or form legitimizes Planned Parenthood and abortion. Jesus does tell us to “fear not” about 365 times in the bible — coincidence? Jesus embraced the sick, He did not “social distance” from them. This “pandemic” has caused alot of harm in many ways and the death rate is really, really low and questionable. I believe there is a more demonic agenda behind this fear mongering and “pandemic”. It has been political and polarizing to say the least. Just my opinion.


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