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Governor Tom Wolf has another critical decision to make in the fight against COVID-19. He can:

  • Sign into law (or allow to become law without his signature) bipartisan legislation for increased access to telehealth for all Pennsylvanians – without sacrificing their safety or the highest standards of care,

– or –

  • Side with Planned Parenthood and veto the bill because it won’t allow increased profits from abortion through telemedicine, a practice that goes against FDA regulations and puts more women at risk. 

If this legislation fails to become law, it would have significant consequences:

1) It would delay expanded access to healthcare for patients and medical professionals dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

2) It would open the door to chemical abortions done remotely, which goes against FDA regulations.

In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, the FDA reiterated that certain restrictions are necessary for chemical abortions, which is why the abortion drug is on their REMS list indicating that it may only be administered after an in-person medical consultation. Yet Planned Parenthood has already indicated to the state their current activities of performing telemed abortions in Pennsylvania.

3) It would put more women at risk.

Telemed abortions increase the chances of error in calculating the duration of the pregnancy, which can lead to significant problems. It also endangers women with ectopic pregnancies by delaying a diagnosis, which can lead to dangerous and perhaps even fatal results. There are very good reasons why the abortion drug is on the FDA’s list of drug required to be administered in-person in a health facility only.

Planned Parenthood is lobbying to use the COVID-19 pandemic to expand abortion in Pennsylvania. Planned Parenthood already profits millions from performing 15,000-plus abortions in Pennsylvania every year, yet is trying to increase their abortion profits in the midst of a crisis situation.

Expanding abortion should never be used as a wedge issue to respond to a healthcare crisis. Please urge Governor Wolf to sign this telehealth expansion into law. Click here to email and use social media to show your support.